The Brilliant Success of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is considered to be one of the most prominent modern developers in all of Dubai. His dealings with globally international powerhouses in the real estate world have established him as an expert in development and real estate design.

Hussain Sajwani’s company DAMAC was created in order to service corporations looking forward to expanding and creating real estate development projects of their own. As the CEO of DAMAC Sajwani has successfully been able to take the company from a startup to a multi-billion dollar corporation that continues to expand and enter new sectors within the real estate development industry.

Of course, all the success that Hussain Sajwani has come to enjoy has been partly due in part to the fact that Sajwani had studied at the University of Washington in the United States.

Hussain’s time in the United States allowed him to open up his eyes to and study capitalism and its place within the corporate world.

Doing so has, in essence, allowed Sajwani to become more in tune with the inner working of global business dealings and thus have allowed him to successfully broker real estate development deals that would escalate his company and work to new levels. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

Perhaps his most popular break came when Hussein Sajwani secured a deal with the incredibly influential real estate mogul, Donald Trump. His experience and time with Trump allowed Sajwani to develop a unique business opportunity that would expand the Trump brand into Dubai and also allow Sajwani to accomplish unused business opportunities for himself.

Trump was looking forward to establishing a brand new line of hotels and resorts globally, and Dubai’s growing tourism industry elevated itself towards the top of Donald Trump’s list.

In doing so Sajwani could cease upon the opportunity and thus broker a deal that would help propel Dubai and the United Arab Emirates into the future of real estate.

Hussain Sajwani continues to be a beacon of success for those looking forward to establishing themselves in Dubai and the Mideast. Through his work as a real estate developer Sajwani has been able to establish himself as an extremely important billionaire of epic proportions.

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