Securus Technologies – Ensuring Safer Community And Secure Prisons Through Advanced Technology

One of the companies in the field of inmate communications and prison technology that has been making ground-breaking and technologically advanced products and services is Securus Technologies. The company is noted among the top providers of inmate communications, crime prevention, criminal investigation, and criminal technology related products and services.


The primary aim of the company is to keep the communities safe through the use of technology and to help the inmates stay in touch with their loved ones through the communication means offered by today’s high-end communication technology, without compromising on the prison laws and guidelines. Securus Technologies is always researching on how to make the inmate communications and crime prevention technology better.


It is the firm’s dedication that has helped with building innovative and unique products that make incarceration experience better and highly modernized. The products and services offered by Securus can achieve things that were just impossible to believe a few years. One of the recently launched services by the company is video visitation that allows the inmates to meet their loved ones virtually. It helps the prisoners not only to talk but also see their family and friends more often.


In a press release published by Securus Technologies recently, the company extended an open invitation to the investors and the customers to visit their technology center in Dallas, TX. Also, the press release showcased the comments from law enforcement officials who feel that the services offered by Securus Technologies are far more superior that what’s provided by other counterparts, and how it helps with reducing crime and catching the offenders easily.


I am a police officer myself, and with the aid of LBS and Investigation PRO services by Securus Technologies, I have arrested the person supplying drugs in prison and also cracked a racket inside the jail that involved drug peddling and gun supply. It could have got worse if there was no information made available in advance by Securus Technologies’ products and services.