Dick DeVos reveals massive philanthropy

The DeVos family has long been known for its political activism. It has been associated with Republican causes and often vilified by Democrats and the progressive media as one of the party’s most important contributors. While it is true that the DeVos family has maintained strong support of the Michigan Republican party, its involvement in national politics has not been nearly as intense.


This began to change with the appointment of Betsy DeVos to the post of Secretary of Education. As part of her vetting process, the DeVos family was compelled to reveal the extent of its political contributions as well as the nature of its philanthropy. The DeVos family has long closely held its philanthropy to itself, shunning the limelight wherever possible and taking a generally inconspicuous approach to the ways in which it doles out its charitable contributions.


But through the process of disclosure associated with Betsy DeVos appointment appointment, it has come to light that the DeVos family has been one of the most prolific philanthropists in the state of Michigan. Many people assume that the DeVos family, in part due to Dick DeVos’ run for the governorship of Michigan in 2006, has largely focused its philanthropic activities around Republican centered causes. But the recent revelations paint a dramatically different picture.


In total, the DeVos family has given away more than $110 million. The vast majority of this money has been donated not to political causes but instead to local charities, including a great deal of money going to educational causes for disadvantaged children around the West Michigan area. It turns out that the DeVos family, long one of Michigan’s most dedicated supporters of charter schools, is not afraid to put its money where its mouth is.


While critics have accused Dick DeVos of being politically-motivated, even in his charitable contributions to charter schools, the actual numbers speak of a different tale. In the year 2015 alone, DeVos gave away over $11 million. Much of this money went directly to educational institutions around his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Among the recipients of DeVos’ largesse are Grand Valley State University Downtown Grand Rapids Campus, Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Ferris State University and Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning School. While DeVos’ contributions to these institutions over the years represent a significant source of all of their funding, one of the most important contributions, perhaps, that DeVos has made to the local West Michigan educational scene has been to development of West Michigan Aviation Academy, an alternative high school dedicated to teaching underprivileged students aeronautical science. The latter program has been a resounding success, proving the concept of charter schools and the idea that underprivileged students are as capable of high performance as any other group.




Logan Stout Health And Wellness Venture Company IDLife

Logan Stout is an investment and entrepreneur magnate, an author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. His latest investment targets the health and wellness market culminating in the launch of IDLife in 2014. IDLife dramatic growth since its inception emerged from its partnership with health and wellness partners like Troy Aikman and reputed trainer such as Jen Wilderstrom as well as business magnate Darwin Deason.

IDLife lately entered into strategic relation partnership with Garmin Inc., a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd, and a leader in the global wearable device technology market. Since 1st of June this year, IDLife clients can now buy Garmin IndexTM Smart Scale and vivo trackers series on IDLife.com. The company’s customers will increasingly witness merger of wearable device data on IdleWellness mobile application for easy management of health and wellness milestones journey from a single site. The move underscores IDLife pursuit of the simplistic way for helping its customers enjoy healthy lifestyles by providing the best-customized nutrition and protein products in the market. IDLife experience is further giving customers sustainable results through its design target of health and wellness through a daily, three steps simple program. The recent interface partnership between IDLife and Garmin wellness merchandise reinforces IDLife mission to empower people by providing them with appropriate devices for a successful journey to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. The partnership further underscores a shared belief between IDLife and Garmin that health is more than the scale number and that a holistically healthy lifestyle is more important that scale reading. A typical example of this shared belief is Garmin’s Index Smart Scale that serves more than showing the weight of a person to its linkage through WiFi for measurement of a host of key metrics such as body fat, skeletal muscle mass, body mass index, and water percentage.

Besides his business interest, Logan Stout also has an interest in quality leadership talents. According he published several best-selling books to inspire leaders including “Stout Advice,” “The Secret to Building Yourself,” and other motivational literature. Stout is also the owner and founder of the Dallas Patriots organization that mentors and leads youth. Stout further participates in television and radio interviews.

Twenty Three Layers Party Planning Tips

Party planning can be one of the most rewarding tasks once all of the work is complete. The reward of seeing everyone have a good time or a special guest getting honored can be quite fulfilling, and there are a few great tips to make sure that everything goes great for a stress-fee time. Here is some advice from great professional party planners so that the event will be without worry.


The number one tip from Twenty Three Layers (one of the best event planning companies in NYC) is to keep an assortment of lists so that everything is sure to be taken care of. The excitement and commotion leading up to an event can cause some lapses if not handled with care. Organization is critical, and everything can be kept in order with one master list which includes all of the to-dos. Separate tabs might be good for things like a shopping list and of course the guest list. Contact information, dietary restrictions, and RSVPs are important on the latter so that no one gets left out.


Next, a theme is important to bring everything together. This will give the event a unique feel no matter the occasion. Personal invites on nice stationery are a good touch to add to appeal. It is best to use these rather than online invitations when possible. A self-serve bar is another great addition which eliminates the need for dedicated staff for drinks, and a specialty concoction can really leave an impression on the palette. Simple appetizers with simple table settings is an efficient way to go as well, and a separate kids table can keep it comfortable. Finally, guest will really have something to remember the event by if they are all provided with a party token to take home with them.


Twenty Three Layers is a party-planning company in New York City which knows how to handle all of the above considerations and many more. As one of the top corporate event planners in NYC, everything can be handled by them. They can be used to create an event which will not soon be forgotten while at the same time keeping the stress of of you. Twenty Three Layers has a myriad of services such as venue selection, photography, floral design, entertainment, and so much more. Their team will provide the perfect lighting, fabrication, styling, and production so that the next party will be a great one.