George Soros Shaping the Political Landscape of the United States Positively through his Influence and Resources

George Soros is a man with a mission or so it would seem to hundreds and thousands of politically aware people across the globe. He is one of the wealthiest hedge funders on the planet with wealth over $25 Billion, and his company, Soros Fund Management is amongst the most profitable hedge funding and wealth management companies in the world. George Soros has influenced the political landscape of many countries over the last couple of decades, especially that of the United States. During the George Bush re-election bid, he spent millions to block him to become the United States President again, but somehow his attempts were not successful. Similar was the case when he tried to fund campaigns against Obama. Even though he is a Democrat with a liberal view, he chooses to support the politicians with whom his ideologies sync well and learn more information click here.

It is why; he spent close to $30 million to fund the Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign against Donald Trump. He is a Hungarian Jew who has seen the Hungarian Holocaust with his own eyes and has examined carefully how the political landscape of the world has taken shape over last five decades. It has given George Soros an eagle’s view of the political perspectives and differentiates him from the contemporary political views of many analysts. He made over a billion dollars by shorting pounds in the early 1990s that put the England’s economy in recession. He has played his business and economic moves smartly in many other countries through significant investments, which are not viewed as friendly by the parties who suffered loss due to it. But, George Soros believes that it is all about making the right moves at the right time when it comes to business, and he can’t be more honest about that and what George Soros knows.

It is evident that due to his support for the leftist movements and Democratic values and causes, he is often criticized by the right. But, it is what the opposition does. It is why he is also referred to as the bogeyman of the right, but as upfront and direct he is in his approach, such criticism is more than expected. George Soros continues to spread his political views through the interviews and speeches he gives across the globe, even when he is in his nineties. The philanthropic foundation run by George Soros, the Open Society Foundation is among the wealthiest charity organizations in the world and Follow his Twitter. It provides monetary and strategic support to hundreds of charities across the globe. George Soros continues to object to the many moves made by the Donald Trump’s administration and supports the politicians who are standing up against him and his party in the Senate and regional elections. George Soros aims to build a world that is peaceful, united, and working together in uniformity for the growth and development of all and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

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