Daniel Taub Helps Double Trade Between UK and Israel

Good trading makes for a good relationship between countries. And in his four years as Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom (UK), Daniel Taub has seen trade between the two countries double. The enhanced trading has lead to a healthier business relationship between both countries.


This “Golden Age” of trading between the two nations has seen positive impacts in the business, academic and agricultural sectors of both Israel and the UK. In the past four years, over 300 Israeli based businesses have set up operations in the UK, leading to a bilateral trade of anywhere between 5.5 to 7 billion dollars.


Daniel Taub was the Isreali Ambassador to the UK from 2011 to 2015. Previously, the former Ambassador has held many diplomatic, political and legal and positions in the Isreali Foreign Ministry. Daniel Taub’s expertise in International Law includes the areas of counter-terrorism and laws of wartime.


Taub’s diplomatic experience also extends into the negotiation arena. The former Ambassador was integral in the peace negotiations between Isreal and Palestine. Mr. Taub was also a member of the Isreal-Syria negotiation team. The former ambassador’s experience at the negotiation table has made him an expert at finding solutions in which both sides can find an accord.


For Daniel Taub, working to keep Isreal prosperous and peaceful has been a lifelong commitment. A commitment that also reaches into the media world. Mr. Taub’s opinion pieces and writing frequently appear in major newspapers including The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. In addition to his writings, the former ambassador is also active on the TV and radio circuit with appearances on news shows such as Hardtalk, CNN, Sky News and BBC’s Radio 4 Today program.


Born in the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub was educated at Oxford University, University College, London, and Harvard University. Taub relocated to Israel in 1989 and served as a combat medic in the Israeli Defense Force. Two years later, Mr. Taub began his career at the Israeli Foreign Ministry.


For almost three decades, Daniel Taub has served Israel in many diplomatic positions. As a result, Israel has seen improvements in Middle East peace negotiations and a strengthening in bilateral trading with the UK. Overall, Daniel Taub has shown off his effectiveness at negotiation tables all around the world. Learn more: http://www.embassymagazine.com/biog/biog_countries/biog_emb37_israel.html