Series of Events That Led To the Foundation of the Frontera Fund

Frontera Fund is a humanitarian organization founded by Jim and larkin lacey. The Fund mission is to ensure immigrants crossing the border from Mexico are treated with fairness. The fund also supports other human rights for the people based in across Arizona region.


Before the foundation of Frontera fund, a series of events took place. In the year 2007, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by armed police officers from Maricopa County station. The officer in charge was Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He transferred them from their home in the same evening to separate correctional facilities under his care.


The reason behind their arrest was because of a recent article published by both journalists. The story was published in the Phoenix New Times highlighting and exposing the substandard conditions and mismanagements in correctional facilities under the sheriff’s care. The article also listed his misdeeds together with his acts of racial profiling the Mexicans across Arizona. Additionally, the two Village Voice Media officials did not stop there; they also included deaths of inmates from the sheriff systematic harassment and oppression in the correction centers.


Following the arrest of Lacey and Larkin, both refused to respond to the entire witness summons issued by the Ninth Circuit Court. A detailed investigation started on the same night of the arrest. After some time of doing the research, the court of appeal concluded that the two editors’ arrest was illegal. Lacey and larkin were released from jail and all charges were dropped. As a result, they were both compensated by the Maricopa County with a cheque of three million dollars. They used the money to found the Frontera foundation with a primary focus on ensuring that similar cases do not take place again.


Later on, Larkin and Lacey gave an interview and added that their early age’s advice hugely supported their act of founding the organization. Both added all their life; they admired the act of giving to less fortunate in life. As a result, the fund received enormous appraisals from the Mexican government. Today, the fund distributes Frontera Fund money donations to the various humanitarian groups that fight for all immigrants from Mexico.