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Paul Wesley Role Model in Film

Paul Wesley, also known by his birth name Paul Wasilewski was born in 1982, in the much diversified city of Brunswick, New Jersey. Paul, although born in the United States spent a good portion of his childhood visiting family in Poland where his parents had immigrated from. Poland is where Paul and his three sisters

Kate Hudson Fabletics: An Inspiration to Young Entrepreneurs

Kate Hudson has prevailed in the fabletics market and has shown a great leadership as the co-founding of the athleisure retailer fabletics. In just a span of less than four years Fabletics has gained over 20 million followers on Twitter and has consequently opened over fifteen retail shops. The great growth witnessed in the Fabletics

Fabletics Takes On Amazon through Reverse Showroom

Branding is a primary strategy that plays a fundamental role in marketing. It is a strategy that massively contributes to a brand’s ability in garnering competitive advantage. This is mostly evident in globalized economies of scale. From dealing with stiff competition to penetrating different markets, branding has continuously won the hearts of clients from different